Let Me – Show You "Around"

transcript of video ...
I’m Sue Howell. My swim school business is in Palm Beach County, Florida, and I have been teaching young children to swim since 1979. It is my plan in the next 2 minutes to show you around and Shannon is going to be my helper. She is going to show you around! “Shannon, can you show me around?” (Visual of Shannon being dropped into pool – turning around and holding onto the wall) “Hold on please. Good job Shannon. Thank you for showing me around! Can you do that again please? Let’s make a big splash this time! (Visual is me in between Shannon and the wall with Shannon facing away from the wall). Good job Shannon! Hold on to that wall!” (Visual is Shannon being dropped into the water, making a splash, turning around under water, and coming up to hold onto the wall.)

With a cue Shannon swims from the steps through a big hoop and turns around to find the sky (a floating position) “Around! Around Shannon! Arms out please! Good job Shannon!”

“Shannon, we’re going to show Mommy AROUND & AROUND & AROUND & AROUND. (Visual, I am making circles with a pointed finger as I speak) Here we go! AROUND & AROUND & AROUND & AROUND.” This starts from a float and the cues are float & swim & float & swim & float & swim & float.

Holding the ring chain with a cue, “Ready! Go!” Shannon swims from the steps and turns around. “ Find the Sky! Around!” (floating in the water). Shannon (2 years old) says “I did it!” “ Yes, you did it! Bravo! That’s great!” I now pick her up with a big hug. The hold is with Shannon facing away from me because during a supervised swim, the wall is always a more important focal point than the person that picks you up.

“So whether horizontally swimming in the water or vertically going into the water, AROUND is something that is so important for these guys to know how to do.”

Shannon says “I want to go to the wall”. “OK, let’s go to the wall!”

THE END - Or let’s say the beginning of letting me “SHOW YOU AROUND”.

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